Inventory Management Professionals

Have you ever thought about keeping inventory during a move? It’s not something that comes to mind for most people, and even some professionals, but it is one step in our process that we’ve found to be key to a successful move. Stairhopper Movers can help you keep track of our belongings and where they are designated to go.

We strongly recommend that you keep an inventory management list of the following:

  • Items taken with you
  • Items taken in the Stairhopper Movers truck(s)
  • Items in storage
  • Items sold, donated or discarded

Managing Inventory for Insurance

In the unlikely event that something gets lost or broken, it would be helpful to have a list of your items and their value for an insurance claim. Stairhopper Movers will provide a complete inventory checklist for all items sent with us for a long-distance move or put in one of our storage facilities. Of course, it will be up to you to add the value for insurance purposes, if you so desire.

Managing inventory is just one way that Stairhopper Movers helps move your belongings in a safe, efficient and affordable manner.

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